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More than just a welding school. We are welding.

We teach skills that are in demand, transferable and employable for a serious career.

18 weeks to a six-figure income.

What We Do

At OWI, we teach a specialized version of an already uncommon skill and we teach it at the highest level of execution. We not only teach welding ability, we teach employability, and our system of instruction is not limited by processes, materials or ability. This allows students to receive instruction not available anywhere else and to be versatile in an ever-changing field.

Why Choose OWI?

Train At Your Own Pace

Ozark Welding Institutes program has been implemented and perfected for over 10 years to ensure the success of the individual by allowing them to progress at their own pace. At OWI you will never be pushed onto the next thing before you have a solid grasp of the basics, and, alternatively, you won’t be held back if you’re ready to advance onto more difficult training.

Real World Experience

Everything you will do at OWI was designed to have real world employability in the industrial construction industry. This is accomplished through the tools you will use, the welding machines, the materials to be welded, and even the expectations from the instructors. OWI uses simulators of equipment that you will find in refineries, nuclear, coal, LNG, oil, gas, chemical, paper mills, etc.


You can start your training at any time — no semesters or waiting periods. OWI offers many different class schedules and options that allow the student to choose what’s best for them, and you can always change class schedule if there is availability.

Well Rounded Graduates

You won’t just learn welding at OWI. You will also learn Safety, Fitting, Rigging, Math, Quality Control, and Metallurgy, just to name a few. Our goal is to make the most versatile, employable, and safe welders possible.

Small Class Size

OWI has a small student-to-instructor ratio. OWI will never use a “teacher’s assistant.” You’re paying for hands-on instruction from a seasoned welder, and that’s what you should get. The open layout and small class size allows one instructor to observe everyone at once so if you lift your hood for help, odds are your instructor will be right behind you.


OWI graduates go on to easily earn upwards of 120K+ a year. This is because we focus on teaching the highest paying processes and materials.


Introduction To Welding

This is an 80-hour entry level course designed to familiarize someone with the most used welding processes including SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW. Students will also learn safety, fabrication, drawing interpretation and OXY fuel cutting. This course is great for someone wanting to weld for their own benefit or might be interested in welding as a career.

Industrial Pipe Welder

18 Week 450-hour comprehensive course focused on being successful in the pipe welding trade. This course will cover SMAW and GTAW on 2” 6” and 8” pipe on Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, and other exotic materials in various situations and positions. Students will also learn safety, blueprint, metallurgy, and pipefitting. This course has proven successful in taking someone with no welding experience and in 18 weeks being employable at 2K – 5K per week! This training is applicable to power plants, refineries, LNG, processing plants, paper mills, generally anywhere ASME code work is being performed.

Students will also earn:

  • OSHA 10/30
  • TWIC
  • NCCER Training

Students completing this course will be tested on:

  • 2” Carbon Steel .625” Monster GTAW SMAW
  • 2” Carbon Steel .625” Monster GTAW
  • 2” Carbon Steel .625” Monster with 309L GTAW
  • 2” Stainless Steel 304 SCH 10

Custom Programs

Need to learn something specific? Need to brush up before a weld test? No problem! We can build a custom program for your individual needs, budget, and time frame. Call us to discuss what we can help you with.


OWI offers many finance opportunities. Please contact us to discuss which option is right for you.

Student Housing Assistance & Relocation

Student Housing Coming Soon! Until then, EDUrent has partnered with OWI to help you find the ideal student housing solution. EDUrent goes beyond standard property listings and can help you find roommates or even assist in raising money to help pay for your housing.

The Instructor

The most important part of any welding school is the instructor, and, before you sign up for a welding program, there are a few questions you should ask.

  • Does the instructor’s experience line up with your career goals. Have they worked where you want do work?
  • When was the last time the instructor was out on a real job welding? Is their experience still relevant to today’s industry?
  • Are they energetic, enthusiastic, and healthy?
  • Do you even know who your instructor will be or is it any random person who would agree to teach for what the school was willing to pay?
  • Do they need you to succeed? Is their success tied to yours?

Here at OWI our instructor and owner is Dustin Shively. Dustin is a CWI /CWE, API 510/ 570 / 1169, ASNT, VT, PT, MT LVL II with 20 years of industrial welding experience. Dustin has worked in coal, natural gas, renewable, nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, transmission pipeline, and sanitary. He has also developed welding education programs for fortune 500 companies and operated as quality manager for several well-known and successful businesses who operate on a global scale. If you want to succeed in the industrial welding industry at the highest pay scales, Dustin is the instructor you want.

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